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Brand Voice & Tone, Content Design, Website Copy

UWC Mahindra College (also known as MUWCI) wanted to rebrand and restructure its website. Founded in 1997, it is part of the global United World Colleges movement and the ninth UWC school. Since then, many more IB schools abroad have become part of the UWC movement, and MUWCI is now one of hundreds of IB schools worldwide.

MUWCI worked with Bokaap Design on their brand positioning and content strategy to establish the college as a world-class IB school with an unrivalled experience. A large factor in the positioning strategy is MUWCI’s location in rural India, which affords the students opportunities to learn and effect change in a developing country.

I joined the project after this to develop the brand voice and tone, structure the information with content design, and write the website copy.

The college wanted the new website to talk to many people: prospective students and their parents, current students and their parents, potential donors, alumni, national committees, faculty, and staff.

There were two big challenges for me:

  • Writing in a brand voice that would talk to a large range of readers
  • The amount of information to include
muwci uwc mahindra pune campus

While writing the copy, I spoke to the target audience directly, using the second person often, to make the reader feel connected to MUWCI. The goal was to be open and approachable without being too casual.

This was especially important for both prospective students and potential donors.

  • Prospective students should want MUWCI to be their top choice. Everything about the website—from the words to the presentation—should make them want to say, “I need to go to this school”.
  • Potential donors should feel the impact that MUWCI has on its students. How the website presents the information and educational experience should make potential donors want to contribute to the school.

For the information, the project team (including me) and the college’s representatives disagreed on how much we needed to say. The project team felt like the amount of information had the potential to overwhelm a visitor, and that we needed to balance offering all the information with offering just enough for visitors to reach out so the college can capture leads. We had many discussions with the client about this, and we ultimately deferred to their wish to keep the website information heavy.

You can find a detailed case study on the entire MUWCI website redesign project, including brand positioning and UI/UX design, on Bokaap Design’s website.