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Content Design, Website Copy, UX Writing

The Seva Sadan Society is a non-profit organisation in Mumbai that runs:

  • a residential home for underprivileged girls
  • English and Marathi language schools for students from low-income families
  • vocational training and skill development programmes for women

The organisation’s existing website hadn’t been updated in years, and it needed a complete overhaul in terms of content, user experience, and design. The managing committee wanted the new website to highlight Seva Sadan’s impact and attract donors.

I decided to use a storytelling approach to highlight Seva Sadan's impact on the girls' lives.

seva sadan society ngo mumbai

The Bokaap Design team and I visited Seva Sadan’s campus to see the facilities, talk to some teachers, and observe the girls.

Because many of the girls’ had come there under sensitive circumstances, we chose not to ask them to relay their stories to us directly since we were strangers. Instead, I used existing video interviews and stories from the staff and teachers to write the girls’ stories.

I designed the content so that visitors can read the girls' stories on almost every page. Seva Sadan's origins and history are an integral part of its story, and I dedicated a separate section to share its more than 100-year journey.

Besides the content design and website copywriting, I also worked on UX writing for the donation forms and emails.